Thanks again Morris Knolls for your visit to DBO to help us kick off Read Across America week!!!! #DBOhasHEART @MorrisKnollsHS
about 21 hours ago, Dr. Marangon
Thank you to the Morris Knolls Varsity and Future Educators club for coming and reading to our kids and playing with us at recess!!!! More pics to follow later.
about 21 hours ago, Dr. Marangon
What an amazing Friday!!! Congrats to Mrs. Wnek's class for winning the attendance award, 1st grade for their performance on Empathy and a massive congratulations to our custodial staff for winning the HEART award this month!!! #DBOHasHEART
about 21 hours ago, Dr. Marangon
5th graders had fun using models to divide fractions and find find patterns in division!!! #MathRocks #DBOHasHEART
2 days ago, Dr. Marangon
5th Fractions
It is a Leap Year which means we only get to celebrate this day, February 29th, once every four years. We challenged our students and asked them, "What are you going to do today with this bonus day to make DBO a better place?" #DBOHasHEART
2 days ago, Dr. Marangon
5th Grade enjoyed exploring and presenting about chemical reactions with their classmates!!! DBOHasHEART
6 days ago, Dr. Marangon
Chemical Reactions 1
Chemical Reactions 2
A big thank you to Ms. Francois for coming to read to 1st grade about the culture of Haiti and Haitian independence. This was an exciting way to learn about other cultures that influence our families and their traditions.
8 days ago, Dr. Marangon
1st 2
1st 1
Thanks to the DBO PTA and generosity of our families we collected almost 600 boxes of cereal for the 'Cereal Bowl'!!!!! Another example of the DBO community coming together to help those in need. #DBOHasHEART!!!
9 days ago, Dr. Marangon
Cereal 2
Friday – “Random Acts of Kindness” day: Wear a DBO shirt/gear, or colors to show school spirit.
17 days ago, Dr. Marangon
We all dream of showing kindness. But today we did it in our PJ's!!! #DBOhasHEART
17 days ago, Dr. Marangon
Bailey the Pet Therapy dog was a big hit with 1st graders today!!!! #DBOHasHEART
17 days ago, Dr. Marangon
Thanks to collaboration with Dwyer Elementary School, DBO 3rd graders were thrilled to open their first batch of pen pal letters from their pen pals at Dwyer!!! #DBOHasHEART
16 days ago, Dr. Marangon
Pen Pals
Thursday – Dreaming of showing Kindness: Wear your jammies!
18 days ago, Dr. Marangon
Thank you to all those who got into the DBO spirit today for Valentines and wore their pink/red/purple/hearts! #DBOHasHEART
18 days ago, Dr. Marangon
1st Grade have some new 100 year old students!!!! #DBOHasHEART
17 days ago, Dr. Marangon
100 days!
100 days
Wednesday – “Show us Kindness”: Wear red, pink, purple or hearts!
19 days ago, Dr. Marangon
Due to inclement weather, the Rockaway Township School District will be closed tomorrow, February 13th. Thank you.
19 days ago, Dr. Marangon
To celebrate 100 days of school, one of our classes had a special treat. They were able to help Ms. Melyan-Bratton’s grandfather-in-law celebrate his 100th birthday! Students participated in a Google Meet with Papa Don asking him questions and enjoying his stories.
20 days ago, Dr. Marangon
100 3
100 2
We "Kicked Off" Kindness week with our favorite sports teams shirts!!! #DBOhasHEART
19 days ago, Dr. Marangon
Monday - “Kick off” Kindness Week: Wear your favorite sports team jersey, shirt or gear!
21 days ago, Dr. Marangon