DBO Family - On Thu 3/4 in honor of "Oh, the Places You’ll Go", wear a shirt with your favorite destination, vacation or college colors.
about 5 hours ago, Mr. Marangon
DBO: Love all our Dr. Seuss celebrations - Cool Activities, Favorite Hats, Crazy Socks!!!!
about 13 hours ago, Mr. Marangon
DBO Family - The IT Dept. has been working around the clock for the last 48 hrs to resolve our intermittent issues with technology. It appears to impact Google meets more than anything. We will keep you updated as we hear any more information. As with yesterday, our staff will try their Google meets but if they keep freezing and cutting in/out, they will email you and explain that we may not be able to do any meets today.
about 17 hours ago, Mr. Marangon
Wed (3/3): Just as The Cat in The Hat - wear your favorite hat. And, complete your daily screener!
about 19 hours ago, Mr. Marangon
Tue 3/2: Picture Day (green cohort); Fox in Sox- wear silly/favorite socks; Complete Daily screener
2 days ago, Mr. Marangon
DBO Grade level color spirit days will be back soon!!! Get your grade specific DBO color shirt before the sale ends this Friday. https://www.elainesteamwear.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=161
3 days ago, Mr. Marangon
DBO - Dress as your favorite book character and send us those pics for Read Across America..... and read. read, read!!!
3 days ago, Mr. Marangon
The sun reminded us today that our 4th grade loves being warm!!!! #DBOHasHeart #NationalSchoolOfCharacter
8 days ago, Monica Maasin
Looks like we have some new students in Kindergarten and 1st grade. Not sure why 100 year old students are in K and 1? Oh well, we loved seeing them anyway!!! #100thdayofschool #DBOHasHeart
12 days ago, Mr. Marangon
100th Day
100th Day #2
Due to icy conditions, Rockaway Township schools will run a full virtual schedule today, Friday, February, 19th. Schedules are located on the website. Stay Safe.
13 days ago, Mr. Marangon
Friday, Feb 19th will be a 2 hour delay. Arrival is 10:03-10:15am. AM and Full Day Pre-School sessions are cancelled.
13 days ago, Mr. Marangon
Due to the pending snowstorm and potential for dangerous travel conditions, Rockaway Township schools will be closed, Thursday, February 18th for a snow day.  Stay warm and stay safe.
14 days ago, Mr. Marangon
DBO Family - Please be careful and take your time this morning when travelling. There is nothing more important than your safety and the safety of our/your children.
16 days ago, Mr. Marangon
DBO Daily Reminders - Early Dismissal, Spirit Day (green cohort wear Pink/Red), Complete Daily screener if in-person.
22 days ago, Mr. Marangon
Congratulations to some of our DBO Daisy's who interviewed Mr. Marangon as part of their "Respect Authority" petal. Keep up the good work girls!!!!
23 days ago, Mr. Marangon
Daisy 1
Due to the forecast for snow tomorrow (Tue 2/9) during the morning commute and throughout the day, Rockaway Township schools will run a full virtual schedule.
23 days ago, Mr. Marangon
24 days ago, Mr. Marangon
DBO Family, reminder that today (Thu 2/4) is an in-person Green day. Also, please complete your daily screener if attending in person. Stay Warm.
28 days ago, Mr. Marangon
DBO has once again been named a Certified School of Kindness!!!!
29 days ago, Mr. Marangon
School of Kindness
DBO Family, To allow time to ensure roads/crosswalks are cleared appropriately, tomorrow (2/3) will be another virtual day. The remainder of the week is as follows:  Wed: Virtual learning day. Thu: Green Day (Tue Schedule). Fri: Gold Day (Normal Fri Schedule).
30 days ago, Mr. Marangon